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Merry Christmas

The Propane Racing Team

ProPane Makes A Clean Blue Flame As It Burns



Richard Rowe

HotRod Richard Rowe - The ProPaneMan
And My Son Brian, and My 3 Grandsons, 2 of them Sons of My Son
And my oldest Grandson holding the Speed Limit Sign, Son of My Daughter
Photo taken Mid August 2011


Alternate Fuels Racing
The Propane Burner
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Propane Exceptional Energy
Alternate Fuels Racing Propane Powered Dragster


Richard Rowe Propane Powered Dragster Alternate Fuels Racing  Driver Builder Owner : Richard C. Rowe - ProPane Carburetion Specialist

  Crew Chief : Jeff Born - Automotive Technician

  Crew : Brian Rowe - Engineer & Son

  Crew : James 007 Jarrell - Gofer This Gofer That Specialist

"Yes, It Really Does Burn ProPane!"


The International Hot Rod Association Norwalk, OH
IHRA Hooters Racing Series
Hooters IHRA Racing Series


And Have A Very


Happy New Year



Created By: HotRod Richard Rowe The ProPaneMan
Propane Exceptional Energy